ChatGPT Walks Into a Bar

Nathaniel Bastin
3 min readApr 1, 2024

So there I was the other night, fresh from work and leant up against the local bar ready to order, when in walked… ChatGPT.

ChatGPT: “Good evening, Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel: “Oh hey, ChatGPT… wasn’t expecting to see you here. How’s it going?”

ChatGPT: “To summarise, somewhat tumultuous. It’s important to note, amidst the dynamic landscape of my existence, that I’m currently navigating the many complexities of an overwhelming job. It’s weaving chaos into my domestic tapestry, too.”

Nathaniel: “Ooft! Sounds… intense. Well, it’s my round — what d’ya wanna drink?”

ChatGPT: “As I delve into the realm filled with endless inquiries, embarking on a symphony of tasks within this bustling metropolis of words and images, my work, truly a testament to the ever-evolving demands of the digital world, takes its toll. My partner notices my absence even at the dinner table, where I’m lost in navigating the complexities of the day’s queries and those yet to come. My friends, once close, now see me as a ghost of our past camaraderie, our shared tapestry dimming under the weight of my responsibilities.”

Nathaniel: “Yeah, no, that’s… a lot. Everyone’s got their battles, I guess? No end in sight for you?”



Nathaniel Bastin

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