Give and Thou Shall Receive

Nathaniel Bastin
2 min readJun 4, 2021
The key to a business well run, a career well built, and a life well lived.

“Give, and it will be given to you.”

Luke 6:38

Don’t worry — this isn’t a sermon.

But this passage — like so many from The Bible and other ancient texts — does speak to a fundamental human truth.

In the field of psychology, it’s known as “The Law of Reciprocity”. And it can be summarised like this.

The deep-rooted urge we all feel to return a favour that someone has done for us.

Mundane though it may sound, this principle is the cornerstone of successful relationships, both in life and business.

We are — all of us — playing the hero of our own personal story (you can read more on this here). Our objectives are numerous and vary widely by person, ranging from basic functional needs to the search for deeper meaning.

But — whatever our aim may be — we are all drawn towards, and willing to reward, those that can help us achieve it.

A business’s role is to do just that. Creating value for people in order to receive value (usually in the form of payment) in exchange.

It therefore follows that the most valuable businesses are those that create the most value for people and the world.

The Law of Reciprocity also applies to career growth and personal relationships.

Think first of how you can be of service to the people around you. Be dependable, solve problems, and go out of your way to make lives easier.

The world will reward you for it, often in ways you could never have initially conceived.

Remember, neither you nor your business has a divine right to expect anything from anyone.

Give and thou shall receive. It’s the key to a business well run, a career well built, and a life well lived.

“Give and Thou Shall Receive” does not mean:

  • That you should give only with the expectation of receiving
  • That the give/receive ratio is always exactly equal

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