Monthly Muse: June 2023

Nathaniel Bastin
2 min readJun 29, 2023

So that was June. Here’s my usual tune.

Monthly Muse.

A book I’m currently reading

“Hacking Growth: How Today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success” by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown

Description: Hacking Growth is a highly accessible, practical, method for growth that involves cross-functional teams and continuous testing and iteration. Hacking Growth does for marketshare growth what The Lean Startup does for product development and Business Model Generation does for strategy. Hacking Growth focuses on customers — how to attain them, retain them, engage them, and monetize them — rather than product.

A brand/marketing lesson I’ve learned

Think of your brand as a tree.

The core message forms the sturdy trunk, rooted and unwavering. It’s your brand’s steadfast promise, the essence that remains unchanging.

But around this, much like the tree’s sprawling branches, can exist a diverse range of themes and activities — sometimes unrelated to the core message, yet still part of the same tree.

These offer an array of opportunities for consumers to discover and engage with your brand, broadening the brand’s personality and reach.

So, keep your trunk firm, but allow those branches to grow wide (but never wild).

A campaign that’s inspired me

“Apologize the Rainbow” — Skittles

  • Fantastic brand personality on display
  • Creative repurposing of negative sentiment
  • Costly signalling of brand’s worthy intentions

A quote that’s stuck…



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