The Mac Productivity App That’s Changed My Working Life

Nathaniel Bastin
3 min readFeb 29, 2024

Okay, confession time: After trying almost everything in search of productivity nirvana, I thought I’d long ago reached the point of diminishing returns.

Then I met Alfred.

Though small in appearance, this Tardis of an app has become an indispensable part of my working life — something I confidently declare I’ll never be able to do without again.

Alfred in a nutshell: Think of it as the everything app for Mac, a Spotlight on steroids.

It lives in your menu bar, discreetly awaiting your command with a keyboard shortcut (mine is the trusty Command + Space).

Whether you’re launching an app, searching for a file, or initiating a quick web search, Alfred accomplishes it with exquisite grace and speed.

Alfred excels by cutting out the countless tasks throughout the day that only take a second but cumulatively eat into valuable time.

And it’s those small efficiencies that add up, freeing up time to focus on the actual job in hand (or, better still, nothing at all).



Nathaniel Bastin

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