To Measure Is to Master: My Top 3 Brand Health Metrics

Nathaniel Bastin
5 min readSep 19, 2021
Track your brand from a flop to a flourish

“We really do need to strengthen our brand,” says one senior leader. The room instantly fills with affirmative murmurings.

“Mmm,” “yep,” “definitely,” “sure do”.

The hum subsides. “Right, next agenda item”. Meeting ends. Brand-related actions — nil.

It’s true — you do need to strengthen your brand. But, for many businesses, the chronic reluctance to act stems from a widely accepted belief that it’s just too hard to know whether brand building activities are actually working.

Perfectly reasonable were that actually the case. But it isn’t.

The necessary solution for understanding and building your brand’s position in the market is regular brand health tracking. Without this, you will indeed have no idea whether your brand marketing is having the desired effect.

There are an abundance of metrics you can use for brand health tracking, all of which have their respective merits. But it’s advisable to start with an essential few and add as required.

Here are my top three brand health metrics to get you going.

Brand Awareness

First port of call. Does your target audience know your brand exists?

There are two types of brand awareness — prompted and unprompted.

Prompted brand awareness measures respondents in your audience who recognise your brand when it is presented amongst a selection of other brands in the same category. This is a useful measurement if your brand is attempting to break through in a crowded marketplace, as it may only be recognised when, well, prompted.

How to measure prompted brand awareness

  • Question: ​​“Of those provided, please tick all the [product/industry] brands that you’ve heard of.”
  • Calculation: The number of participants that name your brand divided by the total (x100 to reach a percentage)

Unprompted brand awareness measures respondents who are able to name your brand when asked to recall — from memory — brands in your category. For your brand to be named without prompting is a very encouraging…



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