Whoa! 5 Brand and Marketing Lessons I Learned in 2023

Nathaniel Bastin
4 min readDec 30, 2023

Ah, 2023, a year that zipped by faster than a New York minute!

Amidst the countless coffee sips and meetings-that-should’ve-been-emails, I’ve unearthed a small treasure trove of brand and marketing nuggets — the kind that make you wonder how you ever managed without them.

So, in the spirit of sharing (I’m never one to hoard), here are my top five lessons from the world of logos, taglines, and all things surrounding them.

Are you suitably buckled up? Let’s dive in…

The mental trade-off of speed is likely durability

Speed is often viewed by marketers as a great selling point for products, particularly those of a more tech-centric variety.

However, there is a natural mental trade-off consumers tend to make between things that are fast/quick/speedy/instant and things that are durable and full of quality.

Payday lenders are fast. Emergency maintenance people are fast. Fast food is fast. All of these are transactional, break-glass-in-case-of-emergency offerings — not intended to be used on an ongoing basis.

There’s nothing wrong with a product experience actually being or feeling fast (quick is often slick) but hanging an entire brand proposition on it may unwittingly infer that usage should be sporadic or short-term.

Reach over polish in upper-funnel marketing

A brand marketer’s natural instinct is to ensure every marketing material that goes out into the world is wonderfully well produced.

However, at the very top of the funnel — particularly in social media — production quality can reasonably be traded off in favour of production quantity which provides greater opportunities for brand reach.

Content with a slightly lower production quality also has the added edge of appearing more authentic and less like an advertising ploy, making people more receptive to it.

High production content is best reserved for the point of sale when it’s imperative that a brand signals its professional competence to potentially undecided consumers.

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